We inspire you to live your life the way you want to live it without worrying about what others think. DARE TO BE YOU!

Project Description

Persona Apparel established in 2015 is a brand with an urban flare that inspires you to be you. In a world where many people find it difficult to be themselves, Persona Apparel promotes individuality, and encourages you to be comfortable with who you are! Your persona is the way you present yourself to the world, it’s the character traits you let show, and the way people perceive you. If you are true to yourself, your persona will reflect who you truly are.

Persona Apparel hopes to inspire you to live your life the way you want to live it without worrying about what others think. As a brand we strive to do the same. We dare you to be YOU!

Persona Apparel is more than a brand, it’s a life style that you chose to live.


Persona Apparel was a brand new clothing company that was in need of branding, web, and marketing. The fashion industry is so saturated with different brands and styles, its easy for new brands to get lost, and not seen.

Our Approach

We sat down with the owners of Persona Apparel and dove deep down into the brand and the meaning. Persona Apparel was wanting to encourage others to be themselves. When they came to use they did not have a name.

We went through an in-depth branding exercise and created many mood boards to come up with a name, and and overall look and feel of the brand.

The name Persona was chosen, because it represents one’s character. We wanted them to be able to market in away that encourages people to display their own Persona’s, which is why we also chose to go with the tagline Dare To Be You.

The logo was designed in a way that has a meaning all around. The double P’s are reversed to represent a person’s reflection, it’s you looking at yourself. The reversed R in the wordmark represents you, and the other letters represent everyone else. The R is reversed to represent you being different, standing out in a crowd of others.

Along with branding, we also did two photoshoots for Persona Apparel, one for their brand launch, and one for the launch of their fall collection. We followed that up with a online ecommerce website, and some social media graphics.

Persona Apparel

Branding, Logo Design, Web Design + Development, Photography, Social Media Graphics, & Marketing

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