Rite on Q BBQ is family Cleveland style business, home of the polish boy sandwich

Project Description

Rite on Q BBQ is a small family Cleveland style business. The business was new, and was in need of a brand new identity.


Rite On Q BBQ was a brand new business, it was critical for them to create and establish a new brand identity that would capture the heart of all who love bbq, and would eat it through-out all seasons. Rite On Q did not have a logo, or any type of corporate collateral. Through our creative process, and constant communication with the client we came up with an identity that was different from any other barbecue business and it was unique.

Our Approach

Through our Think, Create, Design, & Deliver process, we collaborated with the Rite On Q BBQ team to create a brand that stood out amongst other BBQ businesses.

The visual look of the logo says it all. The textured look of the word mark, and the fire coming out of the O and to finish off, the tag line let’s you now no matter the season Rite On Q BBQ will be serving you.


Rite On Q BBQ

Branding & Identity

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