Brand Identity

Branding your business is more than your logo!

We have an obsession with branding. These days you hear that term thrown around a lot I mean geesh look at us just throwing it on you. The question is do you understand your brand? Have you taken the necessary steps to stand out from the crowd and BE YOU. Do you know who your REAL customers are or are you just taking on any client to meet your revenue goals? Let’s face it building a powerful brand takes work and dedication. It’s a journey that you have to be willing and ready to take.

Logo Design

The first visual representation your customer sees.

Identity Design

Your brand's touch points such as, stationary, business cards, envelopes etc.

Brand Standards

An instruction booklet that tells you how, where, and when your brand identity should be used.

Brand Strategy

The entire experience your prospects and customers have with your company, product, and your services.

the Experience

What people are saying about you when you’re not around…Now we’re talking about your BRAND…

At 8393 we’ll uncover your brand voice, boost your growth, and drive competitive advantage. We will walk you through our process, of discovery, strategy, creativity and action. Following our process will give you the greatest chance of building a powerful Brand! Our team is here to help you and be your branding and creative resource.

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We treat your brand just like it was our own.